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Outdoor Camping Folding Cart Beach Tent

Outdoor Camping Folding Cart Beach Tent

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Product Details:
Color: M7 City Storm (brake bearing detachable), M7 Oz Elf (brake bearing detachable), K7 Urban Cowboy (denim blue), K7 Wizard of Oz (olive green), K7 pea light scarlet (designer model), supporting table (khaki), matching table board (wood grain), egg roll table (khaki), universal mesh cover (black), universal luggage outer bag (denim blue), olive green matching cotton pad, olive green matching outer bag, K7 matching rain Peng (transparent), egg roll table (wood grain color)
Material: Alloy
Bearing capacity: static load 150KG
Size: 93X62.5X63CM
Specifications: Expanded: 93X62.5X63 Closed: 63X17.5X79.5
Scope of application: outdoor camping, camping, camping dinner, parent-child

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